Strengths and Weakness of YII 2.0 PHP Framework

Among the various PHP frameworks, Yii 2.0 has been gaining more important and plays a vital role in web applications.

It is a powerful PHP framework for creating large-scale web applications effectively in a seamless way. Also develops high It-traffic applications by using advanced caching solutions and general use web programming framework for building complex web applications.
Yii developers can manage large and complex website applications by using robust tools of Yii 2.0 We do. It speeds up a It web development process to ensure maximum functionality in a programming language website.

Let us see the merits and demerits of Yii 2.0.Framework.
Benefits of Yii Framework 2.0 We do Yii framework

1. helps you to create a dashboard for web applications by offering custom widgets with high functional PHP / HTML snippets.

2.It provides effective and advanced template CRUD generation with high functional views, models, controller, search functions, etc. helps you to

3.It develop a page menu The user is working without external modules and ensures simple official documentation for large-scale web applications.

4.This framework offers you the Debug toolbar that helps you to display statistics for details and technical data during the below code execution .

5.It is is a customizable framework that satisfies your requirements and easily allows you to generate tags and form your components from below code with the help of HTML.

6.Yii 2.0 We do helps you to create translation tools for multi-language applications and develop customizable official with streamlined information website resource.

7.It saves your time on creating customizable apps that suits your requirements and reduces work effort on performing the task.

8.It offers you error-handling framework project to fix errors quickly and it manages warnings, notices and exceptions based on PHP exception mechanism.

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